Friday, December 5, 2008

Now on WordPress!


Finally, I have figured out the WordPress to be a better place for my Personal & Music blogs, and have shifted the content there.

You may bookmark the new address of this blog, , as the current address may not be continued after sometime.

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~ Ronak R.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hi all,

Though being in a dilemma of deciding the major host of my blog, I found wordpress to be simply irresistible, dynamic and beautiful!

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I will, however, try to keep both the hosts alive by my tiny contributions. :P


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An Amazing Contact...

It was an idle evening of last July I guess. Normally, it is a mixed season in Ahmedabad. On a regular day when the sun may shine to its fullest for the entire noon and heat adds to your nerves, a sudden change in the atmosphere may turn out to be a pleasant surprise. In my 2 storied apartments, especially when we stay on the top floor, it’s very easy to get to the terrace and have a pleasant look at the atmosphere around. It is a view in which there is a beautiful garden surrounded by mid-sized apartments, an open sky to look at and flocks of birds flying above encapsulates a stunning look. It rained drastically in the evening. And, as usual, when I went to terrace to have a natural shower to thrill with the nature, putting every matter of problems and distractions aside, the rain stopped abruptly, leaving me wanting more. The evening went on to be as surprising as the rain was. Well, nope, don’t expect a miracle, as it’s all going to be entirely spiritual (as I think) here.

I went down to take my headphones and mobile. I love the N91, whatever may the critics say about it, as it helps me in getting lost in the moment whenever I want. I’m obsessed with music. Some people keep staring at me, here in the office and elsewhere too, when they find me wearing headphones around my neck all day, thinking I’m trying to show off a little bit of composing talent I’ve got. Well, that’s certainly not the reason.

The reason is simple. I live through music. I’ve chosen to. And I’m not talking about the cheap desi songs that most of us listen throughout our lives. No offence to Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood and all other woods who share equal brotherhoods (or sisterhoods), but there’s really amazing stuff you’re missing out if all you’ve listened till date is the commercial music. So, lemme get back to the point. I started the playlist saved in my N91, titled Ethereal_Experience, which I play whenever I feel like being / going spiritual or when I think I need to talk to myself. The first song it played, randomly, was Electronic Sun by Id Submerged, which is one of my favorites. I played the list through and through, and didn’t notice when I was lost in the bliss.

I was looking at the sky with a vivid rainbow at a far distance, rising behind the apartments and the lushly trees in the garden. It was simply amazing to observe the beauty and the power of nature. I felt a unique oneness, an eternal delight, a divine serenity that I didn’t remember of experiencing prior to this incidence. It was a state of complete presence of mind, a direct bond with conscience, no garbage in mind, no burdens or thoughts or tensions or anything for that matter. Well, music was there; in the entire journey of about 40-45 minutes with absolute presence of mind, I kept on listening to music. I think it actually worked as a bridge between the conscience and the supreme power (the soul of the universe, as Paulo Coelho often states it). And after sometime, I suddenly realized that I felt something, something good. Words fail me in describing the feeling, but all I’d say is, that was amazing. With that, my mobile suddenly beeped as it received a new text message. From a friend very close to me who too felt the same that evening. We were delighted as we exchanged our feelings..

It may seem like a stupid chat in a nonsense blog to most of you, but those who understand it well and know what I’m talking about or want to feel the same divine bliss-like serenity, it’s worth trying out in a musical way. In the end let me tell you, it would be no hyperbole to say that I live through music. It’s worth living this way. People often laugh at me, because I’m different. Heh. I laugh back at them, because they’re all the same!

Are you the same?

i.Quote: “People need a reason to be happy. I need a reason not to be!”

© Ronak R. [Especially the i.Quote. :)]

Ronak R. / RokZRooM

Spi-ritual... a divine ritual!


Are you busy? Do you have some time? No. Not for me, I’m asking if you’ve some time for yourself, for your soul. We often get lost in the mundane activities, in the things that we do for the living. We hardly care to look inside, to dedicate the much needed time to the self.

The rapid era in which we live today leaves us with no time for the much needed spiritual talk with our soul, ourselves. But, I’ve often got time to experience the divine delight, like when I was simply sitting in front of the ocean, observing the waves that carry the unique message with the waves. (CCP from – Into The Wild, it’s one of my favorite movies) The only gifts of the oceans are their unique harsh blows, which tell us how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong, but to feel strong, to face the deaf and blind stone alone. Caged in the walls of office, we rarely peep into the nature’s gestures. We seldom clean the mind off the garbage that we swallow frequently.

It, indeed, takes a serene heart to feel the ultimate delight. For this serenity to reside in the soul, it is very crucial to give a little bit of time out of your routine for yourself. So, let’s make a ritual of being spiritual.

Ronak R. / RokZRooM

Friday, July 4, 2008

India's Story Hits the Wall, but for not too long...

Recently came across an article on Business Week titled India's Economy Hits the Wall, and my reply to the story is as below.

Two prime things to be focused on - infrastructure & alternative energy, and then the India Story will shine back!

I envy China, for the steady growth it has. But the key empowering fact, that India will have steady youth for a long time to come, makes me feel better.

New Delhi seriously need to come up with bold actions, and the coalition government will never work miracles in this matter. It is needed to focus on young talents, their ideas, their guts and support them in every possible way. More universities dedicated to unveil new horizons of knowledge are needed.

A little discomfort was really required to concentrate the efforts on things that really matter, instead of Urban growth and luxurious life-style.

There is a chance that the high inflation turns into stagflation, and some immediate actions are required to heal the recent scars. Would like to discuss some time in future on how the plans shall be revised to ensure the Indian Economy grows.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Who will take it?

As I am currently working on a Thesis on Carbon Financing, the issue of global warming, which is the root of my thesis, is actually taken not so seriously. I think, its high time we take some action, something sooner, faster.

Local news papers here in Ahmedabad, India, reported the worst start of the summer ever. Temperature used to be 40 / 41 C on an average in the start of the month, but this time, it has touched 43 C on an average across the state of Gujarat, where in some places, it has touched even 45 C.

Might sound horrifying, but only to a few. The ignorance here still needs to be dealt with. Seems like the situation is worsening at an accelerating speed. When asked, a lady grown up enough to understand it all, answers "We won't live long enough, so we need not worry about this all!" I can't express 'lol'.

Don't we, as human being, have some special powers, and hence, special responsibilities? We're either going bake the planet or freeze it to death.

We need to take action. But, we don't have much time. Is it really about who'll take it?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Welcome to the official blog for Ronak R. - Independent Musician from India

Hello everybody & welcome to the official blog for Ronak R. - Independent Musician / Artist from India.

While you can check for updates related to my music & related stuff through RokZRooM Blog, here I'll specifically discuss and share some opinions & current issues.

~ Ronak R. / RokZRooM